Dorothy Day Food Pantry


At the primary food pantry, we provide nutritionally balanced food baskets to families and individuals in need, implement programming to address hunger, and facilitate outreach to get connected to additional resources to alleviate hunger. We serve an average of 2,139 people and give away an average of 34,308 pounds of food each month. We employ the Choice Model of food distribution, a national best practice, where clients can choose their own food.

This benefits both the clients and us as an agency, as it: 1.) reduces food waste by allowing people to choose what they need/want, 2.) accommodates dietary and medical concerns, 3.) considers ethnic and religious preferences, 4.) dignifies the overall process, and 5.) maximizes resources, as people can choose what they need and are able to use.

Incorporating nutrition education is a key component to the Choice Model, as we can begin to address the health needs of people living in poverty. With this, we partner with the MN and ND Extensions and Partnership4Health to provide nutrition education, healthy recipes, and ideas for creative ways to use various foods (i.e. canned yams, figs/dates, etc.) received at the food pantry. We are proud to be a leading food pantry in the area, as we strive to address hunger in the community.


Collaboration and community support are vital to the food pantry’s success in providing food to our neighbors in need. We are members of our local Hunger Coalition that is dedicated to addressing underlying causes and systemic issues related to food insecurity. We also work with our local Community Action Agency to offer SNAP outreach onsite, so people can get connected to other food resources in the community.
We partner with Great Plains Food Bank to get food at a reduced cost and receive perishable food from grocery stores through their Daily Bread program. Furthermore, many businesses, schools/colleges, and churches provide volunteers (over 3,000 annually), food donations, and monetary gifts. Together, we can end hunger in our community.

In 2017, we distributed 411,693 pounds of food to 7,606 families in Cass and Clay counties! 42% of the people served at this site were children and seniors, two groups particularly susceptible to the effects of malnutrition.


1308 Main Ave., Moorhead, MN 56560

Phone: (218) 284-8895

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation: Food baskets are distributed Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30p – 7:45p and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1p – 2:45p.


Clients can come once a month to receive a full food basket. No appointment necessary; walk-ins welcome. Please bring your food pantry card if you have one.

Dorothy Day House

The shelter has the capacity to house 13 men who are homeless. We are unique because we operate out of a house and try to maintain a home-like environment for those who walk through our doors. Recognizing that the people we serve have experienced a tremendous amount of trauma, homelessness is traumatic, and many people are coming to us straight from the streets, we allow our guests time to adjust to the shelter environment and our program.

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