“I showed up one day at Dorothy Day in the middle of winter with no place to go and nothing but the shirt on my back. While living here, I had a medical situation, which Dorothy Day House was understanding about, and they worked with me on my goals, which were to get better mentally and physically. When I got here I was barely walking and used a cane. Now I have no cane and bike and my health is getting a lot better.

Dorothy Day House helped me find a place to stay. I broke a record here, it took a little over a year. Now my life is pretty stable and I have a place of my own. The biggest impact the program had on me was helping me get my life back on track, working with me, and being very patient. I had never been in another shelter here before, but people came here and talked. They say there’s no comparison as far as structure. It’s a no drugs or alcohol, family oriented atmosphere.

“A last change for me was getting me back to a part of my life I didn’t have. They helped me get back with my family and helped keep me away from drugs and alcohol. I was never a religious person before, now I go to church and use different [community] things to help me succeed. This has impacted my future.”

Before coming to the Dorothy Day House he had been homeless many times throughout his 66 years of life. Now he has successfully been in his own apartment for over 6 months! Cliff now volunteers in the community several times a week and stops by the shelter to keep in touch with us. Below is a picture of Cliff during his shopping trip before moving into his own new place!

“They helped me get back with my family and helped keep me away from drugs and alcohol.”