Food Pantry Opportunities

Our food pantry is where we have the greatest need for volunteers.  We are open Monday through Thursday each week. Specifically, we are open for food distribution Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm - 7:45pm and Tuesday and Thursday from open 1:00pm - 2:45pm. During this time, volunteers help families shop for their food. We ask that volunteers come thirty minutes before we open for a brief orientation and plan to stay up to thirty minutes after we close.  You can choose whatever day works best for you; however, we do prefer that you call so we can add you to the schedule. It is important that we know how many volunteers we have each night.  

We could also use help at the food pantry earlier in the day and on Fridays if that would work better for your schedule.  Depending on the need at the time, some things that you would be doing are: stocking shelves, sorting/organizing donations, light cleaning, and yard work.  

Please contact Andrew, the Food Pantry Manager, at 218-284-8895 or fpvolunteer@fmddh.org to schedule a day/night that works best for you.  

Shelter Opportunities

At our shelter, we serve a hot meal at 6pm all 7 days of the week.  Families, churches, school groups, or other volunteers bring the meal. Please plan for 15 people plus yourselves. Due to limited space, we can have a maximum of 4-5 volunteers here at a time. You are welcome to cook the meal at the shelter (we have pots/pans and a stove/oven) or prepare it in a commercial kitchen (many churches have them) and drop it off. You are also welcome to eat with us; that is always an enjoyable experience for all involved! If this does notwork for you, other options include: 1.) bringing a bag of groceries with a recipe for the staff/guests to prepare a meal or 2.) making a donation to our meal fund. For this opportunity, you can contact shelter staff at 218-233-5763. Please read this letter for more information.

All volunteers are required to read our volunteer policies and sign a confidentiality agreement whenever they come to the house. Here is a copy of our policy.

Thank you!